Empowerment through Hypnosis

“Your commitment to change contributes to your success”

“What is Hypnosis”, you ask. The American Psychological Association defines hypnosis as “a procedure in which a health professional suggests that a client experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thought or behavior”. Practitioners will differ in their explanation of this therapeutic intervention. I offer you my experience that hypnosis is the opportunity to quiet the mind and to focus on the positive and what is right with you. My clients report Hypnosis to be a very relaxing experience. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all have experienced more than once. It is similar to being immersed in a good book so deeply that you tune out everything and everyone else around you. You are still present, though your thoughts are elsewhere. Your subconscious mind is engaged more than your everyday conscious mind. Hypnosis is a subconscious, trancelike state. An example of a subconscious state is similar to being on “auto pilot”. For example, you might recall a time when you were driving home from work and all of a sudden you are home in your driveway. You have no recall of driving home because you were immersed in a trance-like or automatic state. Hypnosis has been said to be like daydreaming.

Hypnosis encourages the use of imagination. In my practice I utilize Guided Imagery as it is very relaxing and powerful to enhance focused attention. For example, a client who is dealing with inflammation in some part of their body might be asked to imagine how this inflammation might look and feel to them when they step into a cool stream or waterfall. Clients who struggle with weight gain can “see” themselves as thinner wearing the clothes they want to wear. Clients who smoke might “see” themselves breathing crisp, clean air under blue skies, etc.

A reservation some people have is that they will be made to do something they do not want to do. Rest assured, this is not possible. Hypnosis, or the therapist, cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. You are always in control. Just like driving the car, though you were on “auto pilot”, you were still in control of driving the car”. Another powerful tool in Hypnosis is to present positive ideas or suggestions. In a relaxed, Hypnotic state these ideas have a more powerful impact on the subconscious mind than the critical, censuring conscious mind does.

Hypnosis is all about focusing on the positive, rather than the negative. To think and speak positive will bring the benefit of acting and living positively. Instead of saying, “I’ll never be able to stop overeating/smoking, etc.”, change your thoughts, words and actions to be “I eat healthy”, “I am eating the correct portions”, “I take breaks to breathe in clean air and clear my lungs”. Notice there is no negativity in these statements.

Success in hypnosis depends upon your motivation to change. Your commitment to change contributes to your success. How willing are you to commit to make the change?