~I had a huge problem of midnight eating and over eating, even when I was full. I tried a lot of diets; carb free, gluten free, etc. So when I met Melynda and heard that she was a hypnotherapist I was very excited! When we met at her office for my first session I was a little skeptical and nervous, though very intrigued. I found that she was very comforting and very open. The experience was eye opening and made me think about my disorder in a different way.

I had three sessions with her and managed to lose 10 pounds! In one month I had gone from getting up in the middle of the night and binging on food, to letting my mind take over and remind me when I was full and not over eat. On a scale from 1 – 10 my overeating dropped from a 9 down to a 3! The visuals from hypnosis and the mind set I have taken away from each session have changed my way of thinking, acting and dealing with my eating disorder. Hypnosis really opened me up as a person to learn how to deal with my eating disorder in a permanent way. I highly recommend Melynda for that which you are seeking to change in your life such as eating disorders, quitting smoking, self-esteem, etc. Sara Chicago Park

~ I sought hypnosis after a divorce that left me consumed with anxiety, depression and self-doubt. I had not tried hypnosis before and Melynda thoughtfully guided me through the process so that I felt safe and relaxed enough to allow the process to happen. During the sessions, I often felt so relaxed, peaceful and at ease that I wanted to stay on that table and listen to her voice all day! Over the course of 5 sessions I noticed a gradual shift in the energy that I was putting out to the world and the energies that I was allowing myself to receive. Despair started dissipating and opportunities began to present themselves. It was truly a time of transformation in my life. Melynda has created a safe, nurturing environment and her kind presence allowed for a subtle yet profound shift in areas where I was stuck. Thanks Melynda! W.A. Nevada City

~ I had 3 hypnosis sessions with Melynda for weight loss. Melynda and her hypnosis techniques are amazing! I noticed a difference in my thinking nd habits with the first session! I am down 10 pounds now and consider it a lifestyle change, not a diet. Before sessions with Melynda, I had a hard time making proper food choices. Not anymore! Melynda records your sessions so you can listen to them any time. I highly recommend her in any endeavor you are wanting to make changes in. Give her a call, you won’t regret it! C.H. Nevada City

I want to thank Professor Ruckels as she helped me empower myself. I was suffering from test taking anxiety, migraine headaches, poor self-confidence, lack of self-worth and had a fear of failing. Professor Ruckels used a combination of Reiki and hypnotherapy (different sessions for each) to help me overcome my fears, anxiety and help me regain my self-worth and confidence. Reiki was spiritual healing that helped me to balance the areas or chakras that were depleted of energy and I learned the power of positive affirmations. Hypnotherapy helped me calm my inner self and regain confidence.

I am actually living my dream as an R.N., and I can say without a doubt that all this could be possible only because of Professor Ruckels’ belief in me that I did not have in myself. Writing the testimonial makes me realize, once again, just how much she did for me. Anonymous.