Reiki (universal life force) is one of the faster growing and accepted forms of integrative and complementary therapies today. Nurses, massage therapists, counselors, managers, animal practitioners and other health care professionals as well as those in other walks of life are implementing Reiki into their life. In these hands-on workshops you will learn the Usui system of Reiki and advanced energy medicine techniques that include the “Seven Stones to Reiki” modality.

Classes have been reformatted to fit each student’s learning style. Class themes focus on setting intention, learning and practicing traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki. Instruction will incorporate the “Seven Stones to Reiki” advanced energy modality. This technique will build upon traditional Reiki with the main focus on learning stone therapeutics and advanced energy work. Students will develop a comfortable and working knowledge of Reiki.

What is Energy Medicine/healing?

The science of energy medicine understands that as humans we are not comprised of matter, but are in fact, energy. Energy radiates outward to create energy fields that surround the physical body. Energy medicine practitioners treat illness on a soul level. The focus of treatment is on the body’s electromagnetic field that originates in the seven main chakras, or energy centers. The focus is on healing, not disease. As Western Medicine focuses on treating symptoms from the outside in, energy medicine deals with healing from the inside out. Treat the cause (within) and the effect (outer) will be removed. Healing is not necessarily curing. Curing occurs on a physical level; healing occurs on a soul level. If healing does not occur on a soul level, symptoms will continue to show up in the body. Most importantly, a person must want to heal and take responsibility for their own healing process.

What will I feel?

Most people report a sense of deep relaxation, peace and calm during and after receiving a treatment. Sensations of heat, cold, tingling or energy shifts may be felt. Others may experience a physical or emotional awareness for days later.

How many, or how often should I have a treatment?

You are in charge of your own healing and can decide on a schedule that best fits you. Depending on the condition, treatments will vary in length, frequency and number. A usual treatment lasts 60 minutes. A weekly treatment for four weeks is initially recommended after which Melynda will suggest a personalized treatment plan. Most clients prefer a monthly session. Twice a week treatments may be beneficial for acute conditions. Melynda also offers daily treatments for hospitalized persons and is available to consult with your physician.

About the Stones

LaStone therapy is about using both marble and basalt stones. One alone cannot have the therapeutic effects as using the two in combination. It is imperative that both temperatures are used especially for inflamed muscles and joints that show up as energy blockages. The stones enhance the body’s response on a cellular level in both tissue and in bone. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are stored in the cells and act as conductors and transporters of energy.

Heated Basalt stones and cool marble stones are used during a Reiki LaStone Treatment. The type of basalt stone that is used is very smoothly formed by volcanic and sedimentary action. The basalt stones are warm masculine energy. Marble is cool feminine energy. Marble is pure calcium carbonate that is actually bone and shell shifted through the ocean, condensed and then “belched” up from the Mother. The Chakra marble stones that Melynda uses are each hand-crafted with no less than 6 to 8 hours of labor. They are individually cut, shaped and buffed by Lapolar Stone craftsmen in Montrose, Colorado.