I want to thank Professor Ruckels as she helped me empower myself. I was suffering from test taking anxiety, migraine headaches, poor self-confidence, lack of self-worth and had a fear of failing. Professor Ruckels used a combination of Reiki and hypnotherapy (different sessions for each) to help me overcome my fears, anxiety and help me regain my self-worth and confidence. Reiki was spiritual healing that helped me to balance the areas or chakras that were depleted of energy and I learned the power of positive affirmations. Reiki and Hypnotherapy helped me calm my inner self and regain confidence. I am actually living my dream as an R.N., and I can say without a doubt that all this could be possible only because of Professor Ruckels’ belief in me that I did not have in myself. Writing the testimonial makes me realize, once again, just how much you did for me. Anonymous.

Sending Reiki has taught me to trust and not judge or discount the things that I receive. I’ve learned that it’s not for me to understand, just to pass along. I become another extension of being a vehicle or the hollow bone. Reiki is the most gratifying form of service that I’ve ever done. It humbles me, always…and the love felt during the connection is profound. You are an amazing teacher! Much Love,Traci Skaff, Roseville, CA

Being a Reiki student of Melynda’s is truly enlightening. She enjoys teaching and it shows. Her “Seven Stones to Reiki” classes are great in that she introduces the student to both Reiki and LaStone Therapy. I have completed levels I,II, and III/Master. Each have brought positive changes in my life. I have also had the opportunity to have private healing sessions with Melynda that leave me so relaxed, clear, and centered.
— Marie Zold, RN Sacramento, CA

Through Reiki I have experienced great amounts of personal growth. Reiki helped to bring a better understanding to life and the beauty of energy work. To be one with the universal energy used in Reiki is a euphoric feeling.
—Tim, Indigo

In August 2001 I had a total knee replacement. Melynda came to the hospital daily to give me a Reiki treatment, and several more in my home. The results were astonishing! Not only was my pain greatly reduced, but I healed remarkably fast to the amazement of my Physical Therapist and Surgeon. Reiki has restored me to health, healing, energy and an overall feeling of well-being. I am grateful to Melynda and to God for my healing.
— Linda Cobb, Granite Bay, CA

A Reiki session is a truly wonderful experience. The warmth of the Reiki soothes the body, mind and soul. It reminds me of laying down on a sandy beach on a warm fall day. The warmth of the sand penetrates the muscles and allows the body to completely relax. All tension or soreness melts away.
— SuAnn Kirtlan, Reiki Practitioner & Certified Massage Therapist